Case Studies

Haven Engineering Projects has completed many turnkey projects from the design stage through to complete installation for a wide array of customers.

Our customers span a range of industries including chemical, processing, automotive and many more.

Take a look at some of our completed projects below.

Plant Construction & Continuous Site Improvement

1981 – Present

Decades-long partnership between Solvay and Haven Engineering Projects, comprising the construction of full, COMAH-rated process plants, process modifications and continuous site improvement and maintenance work
  • Installation of process plants of values in excess of £3 million, handling toxic and flammable material
  • Site-wide demolition contracts
  • Coordination of mechanical, civil and electrical engineering projects involving multiple contractors

Toner Plant Decommission & Demolition

1984 – Present

Total decommissioning and removal of two printer toner plants. Process units isolated and cleaned for re-use, and structural steelwork dismantled and sorted for re-use or recycling as per client requirements.
Since the opening of the Telford site in 1984, Haven has taken a leading mechanical support role, providing process modifications, repair work and installations of all sizes.
  • Work surrounded by inherent hazard of entrained toner dust
  • Specialised clean-up team deployed alongside the dismantling crew to maintain safe working conditions

De-icer Storage & Distribution Systems

2013 – Present

Re-design and installation of replacement aeroplane de-icer storage and distribution systems in all major airports across the UK and Ireland.
  • In-house design and fabriation of all pipework and structural steelwork
  • Coordination of all crane lifts and tank installations
  • Collaboration with air-side fire brigade teams to produce rapid response designs

Chlorine System Upgrade


Full design study to review and re-deign an out-dated chlorine gas storage and evaporation facility. Haven Engineering Projects work comprised updating pipework layout, technical drawings, operating procedures, control scheme design and inspection method specification.
  • Extensive experience with dangerous gaseous substances on a COMAH-rated site
  • Full in-house design (turnkey installation)
  • Formal Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study chaired by Haven staff
  • Principle Contractor role enacted by Haven Engineering Projects

Potassium Hydrogen Difluoride Bulk Storage and Dosing System


In-depth design, fabrication and installation of a new Potassium Hydrogen Difluoride bulk storage and dsitribution facility. The newly installed process connects directly to the continuous automotive production line, with a fully-integrated automatic control system designed and installed by Haven Engineering Projects.
  • Design procedure guided by formal, in-house HAZOP study
  • Hazardous material expertise used to inform design – accounting for decomposition of process material to form high vapour pressures via inclusion of process-specific vent systems
  • Haven Engineering Projects acted as Principle Contractor as per CDM 2015 regulations

RICOH, STIRLING: Digital Wallpaper Ink Production Plant


Construction of a digital ink process plant used for production of inks in the wallpaper industry. Haven Engineering Projects’ responsibility extended project-wide; including principle contractor duties, structural steelwork design, fabrication and installation, and technical drawing completion.
  • Structural steelwork design, fabrication and installation, including two flights of stairs and two emergency escape ladders
  • Full pipework design, fabrication and installation
  • Design procedure guided by formal, in-house HAZOP study